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Started in 1993, STOKER CONCAST has come a long way since then. The company that had originated as a manufacturer of simple horizontal continuous casting machines has now metamorphosed into a company whose strength lies in its innovative technological approach and constant upgradation of its designs and products with users across the globe.

STOKER CONCAST technology is reliable, economic & simple to adopt for production of rods & tubes of copper & copper based alloys. Stoker Concast has become an established name in the field of continuous casting. The company is committed to technical innovation and continual research to provide its users with the benefits of the latest engineering developments based human machine interface


Horizontal Continuous Casting Machine

Horizontal casting machines. These are widely used for manufacture of copper based alloys, specially higher diameter rods, strips & tubes. The main advantage of horizontal process is high value of production for higher sizes of rods, strips & tubes homogeneity of alloying elements and large dendritic grain structure. he concept of continuous casting is a melting cum holding furnace with a graphite crucible heated with highly efficient graphite resistant heating elements furnace with a cooler, together with graphite die and cooler assembly and run out track with withdrawal machine and cut-off device. Molten metal flows from the crucible into the graphite casting die which is cooled with the help of a highly efficient cooling jacket. Water-cooled graphite dies are attached horizontally to the holding crucible. During the continuous casting operation metal flows into the graphite casting die where it solidifies. The solidified strands are intermittently withdrawn in a "pull-pause" sequence by means of withdrawal equipment. After leaving the graphite die, which is housed within the primary cooler, the cast strands pass through a secondary cooler in the form of a water 'sparge' which removes the surplus heat contained in the solidified billet. Water 'sparge cooling' beyond the exit of the die is much more thermal efficient than using a graphite water-cooled sleeve cooler. The machine is well insulated with a low thermal mass high temperature zirconia ceramic modules for high thermal efficiency. The majority of continuous casting installations in use today operate in the horizontal mode. The reason for this is mainly logistic, based on ease of product handling and to some extent safety in operation. There are, of course inherent problems applying horizontal as opposed to vertical casting mainly to gravity-induced directional cooling. However, in most cases These difficulties can be accommodated. The horizontal continuous casting machines are graphite resistant heated furnace. A graphite crucible and die assemble is heated with a set of graphite heaters. The heaters have specifically been designed for having a balanced three phase system which makes it easier to operated on A generator. The graphite heaters are placed in the areas where the heating is actually required to have the maximum utilization of the heat & be user friendly.

Vertical Continuous Casting Machine

Aleading manufacturer of Vertical Continuous Casting Machine For Copper in the shape of rods, strips & tubes directly from scrap or virgin copper (Cathode) & copper based alloys including precious alloys. These machines are specially suitable for smaller diameter rods for wire rod industry. The feed metal in the form of swarf, turning, borings, chips etc of the alloy are fed from the top into a graphite crucible which has two portions & is heated by graphite heating elements. It is a resistance heated furnace. At the top of the crucible a super - cooler assembly, along with graphite die, is fixed vertically keeping the die immersed in molten metal. The super cooler is cooled by re-circulation of water. The molten metal enters the die & gets solidified in the shape of die bore. The solidified metal is continuously withdrawn at very fast speed with the help of withdrawal unit driven by SERVO motor, coupled with gear box.there by giving a continuous length of the casting in the shape of rod strip or tube.Principle of Vertical Continuous Casting: Concept consists of graphite heating element, heated furnace with graphite crucible furnace and holding furnace, together with graphite die and super cooler assembly with withdrawal mechanism driven by PLC based servo motor crucible is made of two parts used for  Melting of scrap / Virgin metal, Casting / Holding Unit.Molten metal from the melting side enters in the casting and holding unit. which, acts as a reservoir of molten metal maintaining the required casting temperature.
The furnaces for melting and for casting are lined with refractory high-alumina fire bricks and with low mass insulation for minimum heat loss. The melting takes place under a reducing atmosphere with a floating charcoal or graphite flake cover, ensuring minimum reaction of oxygen from air. Under the prevailing reducing conditions the service life of the refractory is generally extremely good.
Water-cooled super coolers with graphite dies are mounted on top of the holding crucible.During the continuous casting operation metal flows into the graphite casting die where it solidifies. The solidified rod is intermittently withdrawn in a 'pull-pause' sequence by means of withdrawal equipment, driven by PLC based servo motors with touch screen molter. After leaving the graphite die, which is housed within the primary cooler, the cast strands pass through a copper tube called super cooler through which cooling water is passed at a specific flow & pressure maintained automatically in which removes the surplus heat contained in the solidified rod.
Vertical Continuous casting machines are best suited for Wire rod industry for casting copper rod or copper alloy rod.


Vertical Upword Cum Continuous Casting Machine.

Vertical upword cum continuous casting machine are basically designed for in manufacture, of OFHC(oxygen free high conductivity) copper rods for copper wire industries. Coils weighing 1 Ton , 2 Ton by weight of 8mm diameter, 9.25mm diameter,12.5mm diameter copper rods can be made.

Horizontal Cum Vertical Caster Machines

Horizontal Cum Vertical Caster Machines
True to its reputation of being a company that believes in innovation and innovative techniques, Stoker Concast (P) Ltd has once again taken the lead. In the first of its kind, we have developed and successfully launched a versatile machine that can cast horizontally and vertically simultaneously.  While the vertical caster is in use for casting rods for the wire industry, or for casting thin walled tubes for refrigeration and in the automobile bush industries, the horizontal mode can be used for casting larger sections of billet , thick walled tubes for extrusion press or casting strips for bus bar industries. This gives the machine the following distinctive advantages: The scope of casting is significantly increased through simultaneous use of horizontal and vertical casters. The process economises on both labour and time. The crucible can be 100% emptied out by casting horizontally, thereby saving precious metal ( in the traditional machine this is dumped as scrap). There is a drastic reduction in cooling time, thereby increasing the crucible life.

Continuous Cast Machine Products

Stoker Concast also manufactures continuous cast products, continuous cast machine products, continuous casting machine for non ferrous metals, continuous casting machine for non ferrous alloys, continuous casting products of various continuously cast copper and copper based alloys that has wide range of applications for example : brasses, leaded brass, cupro miecze, Silver bearing copper, bronzes, gun metal, german silver, aluminium bronze, phosphor bronze, DHP copper, admiralty brass, cadmium copper, multicraft of metal sterling silver, gold & its alloys. The castable alloys are appended below.

Continuous Cast Non-Ferrous Products

By capitalizing on our advanced techniques and methodologies, we deliver continuous cast non-ferrous products that are the perfect amalgamation of quality and authenticity. It is use in pump casting and valve fittings and also maintains durable finish standards. We ensure excellent product quality protection with on-time shipment to maintain the transparency in the relation with the clients.Aluminium Bronze King Pin Bush Keeping in mind the latest needs and requirements of machinery components, our company delivers application specific array of aluminum bronze king pin bush. Being committed to quality and reliability, our entire collection speaks authenticity and reflects wide application arena. The entire collection ensures easy and perfect clamping in the required machinery or components and the inner threads maintains the perfect fitting to ensure its long term applicability and functionality. They can easily withstand extreme pressure and changing temperature variations, thereby are used in varied light and heavy duty fitting purposes.Benefits: High shear strength.Solidified with alloy to increase strength.Thermostatically designed. Available in standard sizes and dimensions.They applied in Agricultural industry. Automobile industry. Light and heavy duty machinery. Mechanical industry.Features: Ergonomically designed. Compact in designs. Abrasion resistant


High Tin Bronze Alloy

The high tin bronze alloy is used for applications where high strength with low speeds and heavy loads is required. The alloys are strong and possess high wear resistance with low friction. Features: Hardness .Good corrosion resistance .High wear resistance .


Gun Metal

Gun metal or red brass is the alloy with a combination of zinc, tin and copper. The alloy is used while casting machine parts for heavy industrial applications as it is resistant to corrosion. It is used for making marine components because of its ability to repel corrosion from salt and steamed water.

Phosphor bronze

The phosphor bronze alloys are the combination alloys of phosphorous, tin and copper. The addition of phosphorous helps in increasing the stiffness and wear resistance of the metal. The addition of tin improves the corrosion resistance.Features: Good formability. High fatigue resistance. Corrosion resistance.  Good soldering ability.Phosphor bronze

High Leaded Tin Bronze (Copper-Tin-Lead)

The High Leaded Tin Bronze (Copper-Tin-Lead) are the thermally conductive alloys with high lubrication capacity because of the high lead content. These alloys are high on performance in highly demanding environment.

Aluminium Bronze (Copper-Aluminium)

The Aluminum Bronze (Copper-Aluminum) is copper based alloy with having good corrosion resistance that makes it ideal for heavy industrial applications.Features: Wear resistant. Non-sparking. Increased tensile strength


Draw Bench

Stoker offers various types of draw bench, automatic draw bench, semi automatic draw bench. The pulling capacity is up to 125 Tons. Draw Benches are available in single chain pulling system, with single or double tube loading framing option.The pulling load is applied to the geometric center of tube, because of which the breakage of the pointed length of the tube is virtually eliminated. The high speed return trolley with parallel tube loading system minimizes the idle time for loading.These machines are designed to sustain required load.
The drive either through A.C motor with variable frequency arrangement or through D.C motor with Thyristor Controlled (for speed control). The drive is coupled to Helical Gear Box and Main Drawing Shaft either directly or through pinion of bull gear which drives the sprocket wheel and draw bench.Draw Bench is offered with Complete Automatic Tube Handling Solutions & Semi Automatic Type Tube Handling System. We also offer Manual Type Tube Handling System.Draw Bench is a simple MS fabricated girder 25'/155' long. A trolley with wheel & hook is mounted on the girder. The trolley has special arrangement to clamp the rod/tube. In between the girder there is a chain which moves all along the length of girder & is driven by a reduction gear box & motor. Reduction of diameter or rod/tube or size of strip (width & thickness)
Increasing the internal diameter of tube called (Flaring).Shaving the as cast rod from continuous casting.
Draw benches are available for single or double rod process simultaneously.Capacity of Draw Bench.Draw benches are manufactured as per the OD of rod/tube to be drawn & length of rod/tube required typically draw in dia rod & 20' long.Features: Main Shaft is mounted in the Bearing.
 Gear coupling are used to connect drive elements like main shaft, Gear Box Shaft, and Motor Shaft. Main Chain, hook and Sprocket are hardened.Idler drum for chain Tensioning.Trolley return by Wire rope and pulley arrangement or sprocket driven roller chain.
Spherical die holder with 4 points leveling.

Graphite Spare for Continuous Casting Machines Jewellery Industry

Stoker Concast are manufacturers and suppliers of graphite spares, graphite spares accessories, graphite spares parts like horizontal continuous casting machine graphite spares, vertical continuous casting machine graphite spares, graphite spare for continuous casting machines jewellery industry, etc We have a very large tool room facility capable of machining any type of graphite spares pertaining to
 Horizontal Continuous Casting Machine Graphite Spares.Vertical Continuous Casting Machine Graphite Spares