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About Us

Founded in 1996, Sarswati Machine Tools is a trusted company for wine bottle caps making machine in India .Our factory and Head Office is established in New Delhi NCR regions. Our Founder and CEO, Ran Nayan, possess excellent managerial skills and detailed knowledge of our industry. We offer a unique level of quality and service to Bottle caps manufacturing industry of India.

With over 20 years of experienced we are well known PP caps line manufacturer, suppler and exporter from India. We offer wide range of caps manufacturing. Our smt make made in India capping machines are manufactured using high quality materials like- Mild Steel, Die Steels, aluminum, Stainless Steel, Cast iron, motor, panel and electrical accessory, shear table, work-holding device, upper and lower blades, and a gauging device, Die steel, Resistant steel, Lubrication System ,Cast Iron Slides, Electrical Accessories,

PP Cap LIne

Sarswati Machine Tools 20 years experienced Indian manufacturer, supplier and exporter of pp caps line. Our manufacturing unit situated in new Delhi in India is fully equipped with high class machine and equipments to produce bottle caps plants. These machines are used to produce caps, lids and enclosures, for different types of bottles for soft drink, soda water, juice beverage these caps of The function is to prevent the liquid and gas from leakage. We make it using branded materials and equipments. SMT make made in India 2014 pp caps plants in high demand not only in India but many Asian, European, Latin American, South Africa market .We have large number of clients from all these sub continent because we provide best capping solution at very economical price, timely after sale service, So if your are in search of complete capping plant, P.P. cap plant machinery, spare parts or simply repairing service provider from India

Shearing Machine

Shearing machine is used to cut the printed sheet quickly and easily with accuracy. It is fitted with four edge cutting blades and has a capacity of cutting up to 24 gauage of M.S. plate. The machine is foot operated. Saraswati machine tools pvt. ltd. is regarded as best shearing machine manufacturer in Delhi, India. This shearing machine is available in hydraulic and foot o operated modules with standard specification as well as specific specification as per customer requirements. You can buy shearing machine from us at reasonable price. We also make power press inclinable and inclinable bottle enclosure caps dies, wadding and caps assemble machine. SMT shearing machine is made of high quality raw material like-shear table, work-holding device, upper and lower blades, and a gauging device it is designed to cut straight lines and relatively large radius curves. Main Features are: Advance technology and procedures.Cutting control system.Guillotine beam design.
Integration hydraulic system.Avoiding sheet sliding during cutting action, powerful holds downs with max. Performance.Ball bearing on the table to help placing sheets to machine easily.Motorized back gauge with digital show.Manually blade clearance adjustment.Variable shearing angle to reduce the deformation of the shearing piece.Upper knife carrier with inward structure, it's facilitate to feed the material.
Time delays relay controlling the number of shearing.Counter controlling the number of shearing.The electronic and electric parts made of good brand.Finger protective curtain.High quality blade, four cutting edges blades to prolong working life,Foot pedal with emergency stop.


Oiling Machine

Oiling machine is used to oil the aluminum sheet for lubrication for smooth Punching, cap from die. SMT brand is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality, precision, and high productivity liquor bottle manufacturer caps in India. Get best oiling machine which is a must part of P.P. caps line from us. We are always one step ahead in adopting, new technology in the process of manufacturing our cap line machinery.  Features:Sturdy construction.Accurate alignment of parts.Superior strength.Consistent performanceDurable.Competitive prices.Negligible vibration.High efficiency. Dimensional accuracy.Trouble free operation.Easy installation.Heavy-duty frame design.Low maintenance cost.


Power Press

Power Press is used to punch the aluminum/ tin sheets in the required cap size with the help of the die mounted on it. We manufacture Power press of types -Inclinable & non inclinable.Whole body is made of resitant steel. Properly sized components are sturdily connected with accurate weld to ensure a rigid structure. All part are specially machined on precision machines for perfect alignment of guiding surface and ensure long tooling life. Pressed are equipped which centralized and one shot lubrication system to all bearing surface of side guides, slide face and bed of each press are hand scrapped and provide and smooth movement of side square. Resulting in highly accurate press work extendeda life of press-tool. Heavy duty cast iron slide runs in extra long cast-iron guides and bearing surfaces of slide guides, slides face and bed of each press are hand scrapped and provide and smooth movement of slide square. Resulting in highty accurate press work extended life of press-tool. Eccentric shaft is made from carbon steel and ground finished bearings surfaces. All main and pitman bearings are of heavy walled Nickel Phosphorous Bronze bushes with hand scrapped.They made bolster places are precious ground with T-slots or drilled. We are equipped with double rolling key, clutch and components are made from alloy steel properly heat treated to give long trouble free surface.All flywheel and gear guards are heavy weldments conforming to press safety codes.


Automatic Roll Feed Attachment

Automatic Roll Feed attachment is provided to the press to feed aluminum strips to the die and eject the scrap away. This machine comprises of two pairs of feed roll to push the aluminum strips on the die automatically.
Sarswati machine tools the trusted manufacturers and suppliers of roll feed from Delhi, india, we are involved in offering a wide range of Roll Feed to our clients. These are precisely engineered in accordance with international industrial standards and acknowledged for consistent performance and reliability. Our Roll Feed machines are assembled using high quality steel, gears, branded motors, parts that are sourced from well known company. We ensure better functionality and consistent performance of these R.O. Cap and P.P. Cap Machinery.Salient Features: Great functionality.Long service life.Economical price.Heavy-duty frame design.Low maintenance cost.High-speed production.Negligible vibration.High efficiency


PP Caps Dies

The die is designed to cut, draw and trim the aluminum sheet in one operation. We manufacture dies from single cavity to five cavity depending on the desired production capacity of the customer. All die parts are made from special quality die steel which is properly hardened and ground finished for longer life. The Piller set is made from good quality E.N. steel duly stressed, reserved and hand scrappped.These died are used for making pilfer proof caps, aluminum seal screw caps, cap linear, pull of cap, Roll-on cap , Lugs caps, shoe polish and all type of metallic caps. When it comes to pp caps die, the name of SMT is recognized as a successful Manufacturer, and Supplier and maker of plastic theft-proofing cap mould in India.  Features:SMT provide Good quality excellent service ,long life mould.Dimensional accuracy. Great functionality.They have experienced skilled workers and professional engineers on time delivery time.


Air Blower

Air Blower is used to shift the Cap from Power Press to the Ring Separator.Manufacture a wide range of Air blowers. At Sarswati Machine Tools we provide large range of air blowers like as high pressure, low pressure, Direct driven, Belt driven, ID fan & FD fan. Features: Envirnment friendly it create low noise.Required low maintenance.Long service lifeConsume Less of electricity.Higher Pressure Ratios.very easy to install.Available in various specifications


Storage Silo with Elevator

The caps are stored into the storage silo and through the elevator sent to the knurling machine without any obstruction with the help of the vibrating systems as and when required.


Cap Elevator conveyor belt

Cap Elevator conveyor belt is used for providing caps from storage to cap feeeder device smoothly without any damage.

Multi Spindle Knurling Machine

Caps are feed into the machine by feeder device and delivered to a combination tool set. This tool set performs the knurling, beading and perforating operation to the caps.Parts of the machine such as knurling and perforated cutters can be quickly replaced, without and need to dismantle is controlled by the gear and features straight alignment of the knurling tool, thus ensuring that the cap does not move here and there. knurling tool fine cuts in gear hob matching with the spindle ratio, resulting in butter finish without any overlap on the cap. It also ensures extended tool life. Multi spindle knurling machine is designed for high speed production of caps

Wadding Machinery

SMT the 20 years' trusted brand in India, bring forward high in performance 2014 closure cap wadding machinery and bottle Cap Wadding Machine. Machine is made with the finest components and materials as per set industrial norms. This machine is sturdily built to provide flawless performance over period of time. If you are in search of low priced Caps Assembly machines equipments for closures in India do get in touch with us 9810147460 we also provide spare parts and maintenance service for these pp caps machinery at very economical rates.Technical features are: SMT make Closures lining machines or Cap wading machines prices is very competitive. They use best available material-cutting technology. They  made in india cap lining systems are user friendly. The cap lining machine is designed to inserts the cap automatically.

Flip Off Cap Assembly Machine

sarswati machine tools machine offer for sale 2014 latest bottle cap assemble machines, For more than two decades we have been manufacturing and supplying these Cap Closure Assembly Machines to Indian, Asian, Latin American, European and middle east market. Our machineries are used in cap making plant, packaging companies, food products manufacturing units and pharmaceutical industries. Please call us 09810147460 if you have any enquiry regarding our bottle manufacturing equipment and machine like it's price, spare parts, delivery and maintenance.Features:
SMT make capping machine are suitable for cosmetic, drinks, chemical, medical, Edible oil industry and packaging industry.PLC control system, frequency conversion speed controller, full automatic and high speed.High efficiency, Low failure rate, no secondary pollution, instead of low yield by manual capping, saving a lot of labor capital for business.smt make machines are Easy to maintenance and operation.
SMT company can make pp caps machinery according to customer's different demand.