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About Us

SMD Engineering Equipments & Systems is established in the year of 2010. We are engaged in Design, Manufacturing and exporting exclusive range of Painting Booths, Paint Shop Plant, Powder Coating Plant and Pollution control Equipments in South India our equipments are wide used in all engineering, automobile, chemical, cement, industries and in public sector industries.They also provide technical expertise and solutions for Paint Shop and Pollution control Equipments problems in different industries. We have demonstrated expertise in producing globally acclaimed products. Our services also include repair and maintenance service.

Side Draft Paint Booth

 Side Draft Paint Booth system that allows for the rapid removal and containment of paint or coating overspray. Incoming air is drawn into the paint booth through the filtered upper plenum and from door filters. Air is then drawn down through the ceiling and after traveling over the piece being painted, exits the paint booth through exhaust filters located on the bottom of the booth’s side walls. These contaminants are filtered and exhausted to the outdoors. Paint, sand, weld, or perform any operation that calls for exhaust in a well-lit and enclosed space. No limitation of spraying paint as this side draft paint booth is a fully enclosed work area that can be used for unlimited spraying. Product comes as a full package with all lighting components, controls, filters & hardware.

Spray Painting Booth

Spray Painting Booth has been advocated throughout industry as the most efficient method of filtering paint over spray. At the same time it effectively prevents in over spray from reaching the surrounding area. Spray Painting Booth are used to increase efficiency of operator, reduce dust problems, reduce over spray problems, paint dust, increase corrosion resistance of the product to be painted. Spray painting also plays a big role in removal of waste spray paint and the sludge formed by it. Our Spray Painting Booth can meet all our Customer requirements. Painting in Spray Painting booth provides the highest quality in all kinds of painting application. Our Spray painting booth is for every kind of business, all kind of components and different products and can meet all your requirements. The spray painting booth is on simple construction, easy to install and maintain. Normally Paint Booths are made of mild steel components (Value addition can be done by all stainless steel components), it also consists of a highly efficient exhaust blower or blowers to throw thinner in higher altitudes of air.

Water Curtain Painting Booth


Smd Engineering Equipments & Systems Water Curtain Painting Booth to our clients. The painting booth comprises of a chamber with galvanized Iron sheet panel construction. A baffle chamber is provided on the rear side of booth. This retains the paint-water mixture from the air stream to exhaust clean air.There is a tank above the floor level, in which water is filled. Contaminated air pass into the water and the mixture is drawn into the baffle chamber where 3 rows of baffles are placed. Doors are provided to the baffle chamber to facilitate cleaning periodically. Powerful blower mounted on the top of chamber provides draft. Blower is designed to provide suitable exhaust capacity. The impeller is dynamically balanced. The exhaust from the blower is passed through a duct.


Paint Mixing Booth

Paint Mixing Booth provide a controlled area for safely mixing paint. Wall panels are fabricated from 18-gauge with painted or unpainted galvanized sheet steel, and are pre-punched and companion flanged for easy nut-and-bolt, on-site assembly. Providing a safe and controlled environment for mixing paint was our chief objective when designing our paint mixing booth . Built with durable construction that maximizes airflow distribution, your employees are protected from harmful vapors and toxins. Airflow is directed via the filtered air intake and exits through the exhaust stack. Air moves in a downward direction in a continuous flow providing optimal ventilation for personnel. Paint mixing rooms also feature a lighting fixture for maximum visibility and efficiency.

Paint Booth

The leading manufacturer & Supplier Paint Booth in Chennai Tamilnadu India, The internal floor of the booth will be provided with paint absorbing filter throughout the length and breadth. Necessary grates on the top of the filter frame to facilitate movement of people and material.During the process of painting , the excess spray paint will be absorbed by the paint arresting filters on account of the suction created by the blowers. The size of the booth will be 15x 5.5 x 3. 3 Mr Height . The system is a down Draft dry type paint booth. The air for ventilation will be sucked from the top of the booth , for which a filter will be available for filtration of 10 micron level.

Dry Type Painting Booth

SMD Engineering Equipments& Systems are specialized in offering our clients a wide range of Dry Type Paint Booth. Which include Bench Spray Paint Booths, Side Draft Paint Booths and Down Draft Paint Booths. Highest efficiency in a Dry Type Painting Booth is always attained when the capacity, size and other specifications are most suited to the kind of work to be performed. The following factors are important while selecting the most appropriate booth for a specific coating component. Size of the article to be coated. Rate of production (i.e. Paint Consumption).Product handling method.Features: Over sprayed paint is sucked in by the blower through Paint Arrest filter or metallic filter arrester.

Dry arresting of paint without water and chemicals. Even suction over the full height of the booth. Simple maintenance Ideal use for all type of paint applications


Water Screen Painting Booth


SMD Engineering Eqipments & Systems Water Screen Painting Booth provides an extremely efficient means of removing paint particles from the exhausted air by using water as a filtration media, We have designed the Water Screen Painting Booth for many finishing applications. We also offer’s pump as well versions in open type model, enclosed type model and conveyorised models. Standard Water Screen Painting Booth is utilized for high volume paint usage, medium or large sized components and batch processes.Water screen Wet type paint booth contains special features like water tank or over spray paint collection disposal tank, specially designed eliminators (baffles), saw tooth plates, washing chamber and high pressure exhaust blower. This type of painting booth is more popular where the paint consumption is more and heavy paint consumption, high production and / for any component.


Wet Type Painting Booth

Wet Type Painting Booth to accomplish the pollution-less environment. Designed and developed very efficient and effective liquid spray booths, which offer adequate flow of clean air. The standard designs range from an economical model, to an excellent performer in quality painting. Liquid paint Booth with disposable filters is an economical choice for low volume Spray Painting operations. Well designed filtration/ separator system offers highest efficiency of paint collection. These booths prove to be extremely efficient means of removing paint particles from the air by using waters a filtration media. A water wall informed in front of the article by the means of the pump. The over sprayed paint in the air, is pulled towards this water wall and gets mixed in the water by using efficient design of Venturi. These paint particles and resins then converts into the non sticky sludge in the water tank making it easy to dispose off. Scrubber is used for the treatment of the air before being exhausted in the atmosphere. Wet Type Painting Booths with various set of combinations of following features & specifications.
 An open booth for general purpose.  A closed pressurized booth with controlled air quality & velocity.    Wet booth with Venturi and scrubber Side draft booth and Down draft booth


Conveyorised Powder Coating Booth,

Conveyorised Powder Coating Booth, are specially suitable for powder coating of high volumes of components, large in size or small in size or any kind of product. This kind of Conveyorised Powder Coating booth is mainly helpful where synchronization of product input verses product output is to be maintained without any time lag. Our Conveyorised Powder Coating Plant are very elaborate in size which can accommodate two or more than two powder coater, automated painting guns or reciprocators etc.

Cartridge Batch Powder Coating Booth

Cartridge Batch Powder Coating Booth feature an open front design and are ideal for small to mid-size powder applications. To ensure cartridge filters remain clean, this booth is built with a purge control feature, which assures the safe operation of the coatings enclosure by maintaining the airflow at design levels. During operation, powder accumulates on the cartridge filters, and as the cartridge filters load, airflow decreases and negative pressure rises within the air handler. A timer activates a system of air purging valves that clear the cartridge filters of accumulated powder to ensure maximum filter life. A self-pulsing system continuously cleans cartridge filters for longer filter life. With the addition of a fluidized bed and pump, unused powder can be reclaimed for future powder application.

Dip Pretreatment Plant

Dip Pretreatment Plant are a conventional pretreatment plant wherein the chemicals are stored in the steel (MS/SS/FRP) fabricated tanks. The components are placed in the baskets or cages and they are dipped in each process tank for prefixed period of time. Dip type pretreatment plants with hoist are for manual handling. In conveyorised dip pretreatment plants, articles/components are hanged on a conveyor and are dipped into the tanks. In this operation, the articles / components travel through a sorter of tanks, thanks to the programmable conveyor line. Dip Pretreatment Plants are commonly used for long & heavy components to clean & conversion coatings of metals prior to powder / paint application. We offer material handling systems either twin hoist or PLC operated transporter depending upon the individual clients requirements

Heat Tanking Systems.

Heat Tanking Systems. Tanks are usually fabricated Mild Steel and Stainless Steel sheets.with Heating Media as Electrical Heater,LPG Burners,Stream Heater..Etc. The S.S tank is needed for possessing phosphate alternative, the alternative is warmed to seventy degree Chemical using oil-fired home heating or electric heaters together with automatic heat range control. The tank is insulated by all attributes & bottom part using vermiculite/ceramic fibre insulation.We are the manufacturer of Phosphate Tank used as : Pretreatment metals like Mild Steel,Aluminum,  Al Casting Material,  Galvanized Sheets,    prior to Painting / powder coating.


Manual Conveyorised Powder Coating Plant


Smd Engineering Equipments & Systems Offer’s Manual Conveyorised Powder Coating Plant. A simple Overhead Chain Conveyor passes through Powder Coating Booth and Oven and coating is done with manual Spray Guns. Conveyor speed is worked out based on production rate required and oven can be straight tunnel type or with loops inside it. The conveyorised applications give better and uniform coating qualities with better process controls. For large size components as openings are large camel back oven is recommended wherein heat losses are minimized. Normally up to 1mt speed this plant is workable.


Automatic Conveyorised Powder Coating Plant

 Automatic Conveyorised Powder Coating Plant this is similar to abode but coating /painting is done with the automatic Guns / Applicators. Here Conveyor speed is high and it is impossible to coat the entire component manually. The guns are mounted on reciprocators and it is synchronized with conveyor speed. Auto applicators are beneficial due to automation and saving in powder/ paint. Further coating quality is superb as uniform coating is possible. In all cases oven can be electrical / gas fired or diesel fired depending upon availability of fuel.


Oil Fired Hot Air Generator

Two types of Oil Fired Hot Air Generator; indirect, non mixing type, oil fired hot air generator for applications which require clean, contamination free hot air & direct, mixing type, oil fired hot air generator for applications in which hot flue gas mixed with air can also be used.Features : Clean & contamination free hot air is available for application. High thermal efficiency of about 90% on NCV of fuel for indirect type. Significant cost savings are possible when compared with electrical air heating. Large furnace volume for complete combustion. Powder coated, well lit control panel with systematic wiring layout with tag nos. etc. for easy Prompt & reliable after sale services with customer firstattitude


Gas Fired Hot Air Generator

one of the leading entity of this domain, we are engrossed in providing supreme quality Gas Fired Hot Air Generator. The generator processes primary and secondary fuel fired and electric resistance type furnaces for heating and reheating heat treatment, which includes ovens, furnaces, dryer, rotary kiln, and hot air generators chemical processing equipment. Further, the generator produces high thermal efficiency up to 80%, require less maintenance due to minimum usage of refractory in furnace, and vertical design.Features: Less pollution by using dust collectors.Highly efficient. Power competent.Advantages of our Gas Fired Hot Air Generator: High Thermal Efficiency up to 80%.Less maintenance due to minimum usage of refractory in furnace. Vertical Design.Less pollution by using Dust Collectors


High Temperature Oven

SMD Engineering Equipments & Systems are manufacturing and supplying a wide range of High Temperature Oven in finest quality of raw material sourced from the trusted and reliable vendors of the industry, these products are non-corrosive and long lasting. Our ovens are energy saving and cost effective and hence ensure profitability in competitive market.Optimum air flow design High density insulation Variety of heating media and Diesel fired burner’s are High efficiency to complete combustion Automatic temperature controls unique design of heat exchanger for improved heat transfer efficiency. This is generally done by having a heating chamber where air is heated and the heated air is circulated inside the Paint Baking Oven chambers by means of fans.


Paint Drying Oven

Paint Drying Oven to removes the moisture from water-based coatings and adhesives. Paint Drying Ovens are also removes water from the surface or interior of products with the help of thermostatic controls in case of electrical heating and temperature controllers operating solenoid valves in case of steam, gas and oil heating. A Paint Drying Oven dries the paint through the heated air that is re circulated in the Oven. This is generally done by having a heating chamber where air is heated and the heated air is circulated inside the Paint Drying Oven chambers by means of fans.Features : Speeding up of the paint drying operation. Improved quality of product. Increase in the durability of the product.Economizing the cost of painting the product and lastly.Dust free product.


Industrial Scrubber

Industrial scrubber are effective air pollution control devices for removing particles and/or gases from industrial exhaust streams. A scrubber operates by introducing the dirty gas stream with a scrubbing liquid – typically water. Particulate or gases are collected in the scrubbing liquid. The scrubbers are generally the most appropriate air pollution control device for collecting both particulate and gas in a single system. Pollution Systems offers a variety of Industrial scrubber systems specifically designed for your process application. Many important operating variables are considered when evaluating the size and type of scrubber for any specific application. We will work with you and use our experience and knowledge to provide the proper solution for your process.

Cyclone Dust Collector (Cyclone Separator)

A wide range of Cyclone Dust Collector (Cyclone Separator) is acclaimed for its international quality standards. Our Cyclone Separator is equipped with advanced features that ensure its high operational effectiveness and quicker cleaning actions. The Cyclone Separator offered by us is designed with high capacity motor which helps in swift cleaning.Features: Sturdy and long life. Powder bin cum hopper
Less floor space occupation. Easy maintenance. Remove dirt, sediment suspended materials. Designed to withstand any corrosion
Requires little maintenance. Quick & easy cleaning and mounting system.High quality filter for precise functioning
No moving parts.No problems because there is no combustible item such as filter, etc. If the dust/ chips are hot, it can handle safely
There are no consumable items such as filters. The operating cost is low. No need to clean filters.Low maintenance
Very reliable.Applications:Cement industry.Powder conveying industry. Abrasive industry. Rubber industry


Co2 Removal Carbon Tower

As experts in their field, our customers are perfectly aware of how important the purity of the Co2 Removal Carbon Tower is for the quality of the final product. Even the least amount of residual oxygen in the carbon dioxide has a detrimental effect on the flavor stability of the Clean Air. The utilization of carbon dioxide from the own fermenters guarantees perfect quality control – an advantage that no other source can offer. With the stripping technology, even the CO2 from early fermentation phases can be recovered. Our customers profit from our networked thinking also in CO2 recovery: We ensure a perfect and seamless integration of the CO2 recovery plant into existing or planned energy supply systems. This results in an improved efficiency on the CO2 and refrigeration side of your plant and in reduced capital investment. CO2 recovery plants that we offer convincing advantages: maximum purity, maximum operational reliability and low operating costs.


Horizontal Activated Carbon Tower

Horizontal Activated carbon filtration is a commonly used technology based on the adsorption of contaminants onto the surface of a filter. This method is effective in removing certain organics (such as unwanted taste and odors, micro pollutants), chlorine, fluorine or radon from drinking water or wastewater. However, it is not effective for microbial contaminants, metals, nitrates and other inorganic contaminants. The adsorption efficiency depends on the nature of activated carbon used, the water composition, and operating parameters. There are many types of activated carbon filters that can be designed for household, comm. unity and industry requirements. Activated carbon filters are relatively easy to install but require energy and skilled labour and can have high costs due to regular replacement of the filter material.

Granular Activated Carbon Tower

SMD Engineering Equipments & Systems firm is engaged to introduce a premium quality array of Granular Activated Carbon Tower. This tower finds wide application use in disposal of waste gas for coating, treatment of volatility organic gas, rubber, plastic, pesticide, chemical engineering, food, and deodorization. The offered tower removes the contaminants from the air and water through adsorption, in which negatively charged contaminant ions are attracted by the positively charged activated carbon. The organic compounds are removed by absorption, and residual disinfectants such as chlorine and chloramines are removed by catalytic reduction.Features : Low pollution. Easy removing contaminants.Highly efficient.


Pulse-Jet Bag Filter

The Pulse-Jet Bag Filter dust collector has been designed to achieve maximum operating efficiency whilst reducing maintenance cost and time.Bag filters are generally used in application requiring high yield recoveries from pneumatic transport systems, or for the removal of hazardous materials from the working environment. Such systems may incorporate the use of a cyclone as the primary means of recovery followed by a bag filter unit for final separation of particles from the air stream. Alternatively the bag filter may be used as the only means of separation.The total recovery of conveyed product is the prime objective in each instance and this criteria can only be reached by balanced designed of the total system. Often the costs of installing such a system can be justified from increased yields. The pulse-jet bag filter dust collector is constructed from a series of modular components which allows for standardization, yet retains the ability to be completely flexible with selection, sizing, materials of construction, filter media and equipment arrangement. We believe that each application requires further careful evaluation and that the filter unit recommended should be on the basis of product characteristics, product to air loading and air to filter cloth ratios, with consideration of product heat stability and other physical and chemical properties. By selection of the correct filter sock material and consideration of the above factors optimum performance is assured.Advantages Of The Pulse-Jet Dust Collector:
Automated self-cleaning of filter bags. Continuous operation. High filter rates. No internal moving part. Low maintenance.Fast top removal of bags – working at the clean air side. Dependable solid state timer controls. Weather proof – all welded construction. Dust pre-separator – baffle plate deflector.

Low Pressure Bag Filters

Low Pressure Bag Filters the most characteristic feature of the low-pressure pulse jet technology is the low pressure of the blowing air vessel which is less than Minimum bar pressure. whereas conventional systems are operated . For this reason, far less mechanical precautions need to be taken and the primary energy needed for the cleaning process is significantly less. For cleaning the flue gas is routed to separate raw gas chambers via the raw gas duct and the raw gas butterfly valves. In order to prevent wear out and local deposits the flow is routed downwards into the hopper via deflectors with a preliminary removal of large particles taking place right there. The pre-cleaned gas, then, is brought to the filter bag from below and passes the filter media from outside to inside. During this stage the remaining impurities are removed. The supporting cages located inside the filter bags prevent collapsing of the bags during the filtration phase. The cleaned flue gas leaves the filter bags moving up into the clean gas chamber and is routed to downstream units via the clean gas header line



Online Bag Filter, bags

Online Bag Filter, bags are cleaned row by row, even when the dust laden gas is filtered. The sequence of Filter cleaning is controlled automatically by a sequence control Timer; it gives signal to solenoid operated pulse valves which direct the High pressure air pulse to Filter Bags. Bag Filter is supported from the ground on structural legs. A caged ladder provides access to the top of the unit for maintenance. Dust laden air enters through the hopper by suction. The heavier dust particles fall off at the entry itself, while the lighter dust gets carried upward to the bags. The dust gets deposited on the outer surface of the bags and clean air moves out from the center of the bags and escapes out from top air outlet. The dust collected on the outer surface of bag is removed in a pre determined cycle by a momentary pulse of high-pressure compressed air. The compressed air moves from an air reservoir or compressed air header, via the particular pulse valve into the compartment manifold and thereon into the bags, in the row beneath it.Applications: Cement industry.Powder conveying industry. Abrasive industry.Rubber industry.


ID Blower (Induced Draft Blower)

 ID Blower (Induced Draft Blower) for most applications, the use and application of a Fan or Blower in a system is more important than the consequences associated with environmental or health issues brought about by industrial process air pollution which generates the need for a clean environment, safe work place and uncontaminated air to breath. Quality is achieved by proper inspection checks right from material purchasing to final testing of air blowers. Our entire range of centrifugal air blowers & we focus is to develop and continuously upgrade technology for thereby creating efficient and reliable product which will satisfy our customers’ needs to the fullest.Standard Features:
High Energy Efficiency. Cost Effective. Reduced Noise. High manufacturing quality.Precise flow and pressure.  Excellent after sales service & support.


Industrial Vacuum Blower

SMD Engineering Equipments & System are engaged in offering a Wide range of Industrial Vacuum Blower. Our products are strictly examined on various parameters by our quality inspectors in order to maintain their adherence to universally set norms. The offered products have gained exceptional value in the market for defining features.Features :  Long service life. Rust resistance. Anti-abrasive.Specifications : High Pressure. Medium Pressure.    Low Pressure

H2S Scrubber

Hydrogen Sulphide Removal System is a H2S scrubber . It has an indigenous based on gas cleaning/ H2S Scrubber technology offered for pre-cleaning of varied gas streams , sour natural gas, and landfill gas unconventional gas streams such as Coal Bed Methane (CBM), shale gas as well as vent gas/tail gas and acid gas streams. Such provides this economically attractive H2S removal System. Various industries which have anaerobic digesters are currently used to supplementary fuel in their boilers. Now Hydrogen Sulphide Removal System, there is an option of producing clean gas to generate their captive power. This Hydrogen Sulphide Scrubber is an economically attractive technology to remove H2S by Scrubbing methods.

VOC Scrubber

Smd Engineering Equipments & Systems feel proud to introduce ourselves as the leading organization in this domain, engaged in presenting an excellent grade of VOC Scrubber. It is utilized by activating carbon and other adsorption media to provide high VOC removal efficiencies – up to and in excess of 95%. The offered scrubber requires lower capital cost, lower maintenance, and particularly well-suited for air streams with lower concentrations of VOCs or lower volumetric gas flow rates. Further, carbon pure adsorption systems come in both once-through and regenerative types.Features :  Quick recovery of freshness.  Better designed to meet industrial needs.  Can be customized as per demand



Ducting Systems

A Wide range of Ducting Systems are used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) to deliver and remove air. We specialize in the erection of domestic and Industrial Air Duct Work that gives consistency. High grade material is used to fabricate attachments, fittings, components, and accessories etc that are used in duct work. We are backed by an efficient team of professional’s machinery that enables us in fulfilling diverse requirements of our clients within the committed time frame

Exhaust Ducting System

SMD Engineering  Equipments & System are fabricating wide range of Exhaust Ducting System to our valuable customers. Made using optimum quality materials and metals, these products are assured for their seamless design and optimum quality. Owing to their durability and robust design, these exhaust ducts are highly demanded in the market.Features: High tensile strength. Impeccable finish. Longer serving life.  These ducts are usually light weighed and are immaculately finished, giving them an advantage. These are crush resistant and can overcome problems like bad odour and moisture.
They possess a long functional life and are durable.They are easier to operate and offer great resistance to corrosion. They possess a high tensile strength and are engineered with optimum precision. They are made available to the clients at a very reasonable price.
They are built in accordance with the set industry standards and safety norms.