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About Us

Polybond Insulation Pvt. Ltd., are one of the most reputed and well established companies in the markets, and are solely engaged in serving finest quality Insulation products. Incorporated in the year 1995, we have remarkably grown in the industry, by meeting demands of a large number of customers and making good relations with them. The head office of our company is based in Bhilai (Chattisgarh, India), from where we execute and manage every business activity executed in our units across this state. Backed by highly dedicated personnel, we are able to ensure timely completion of each task and ensure that our works are done with complete excellence.


Rockwool Sectional Pipe Insulation

Polybond' Pre-formed Sectional Pipe Insulation is a value added product manufactured with chemically coated mineral fibers in specified sizes conforms to IS:9842, ASTM C 547 and equivalent BS-3958-4. The pre-fabricated Pipe Sections are designed for thermo-acoustic insulation and fire protection of pipe lines operating at temperatures up to 750° 'C'. 'Polybond' Rockwool Pipe Sections are non-combustible, easy to cut, fit, handle and has high levels of thermal efficiency and strength. Each section is split and hinged for easy, snap-on application.
Designed for tough thermal and acoustic insulation pipe works it’s combination of density, strength and excellent thermal conductivity at high temperatures offer efficient insulation. Pre-formed Pipe Sections are highly recommended for industrial steam and process pipe lines in oil refineries, chemical plants and power projects.Pre-formed Pipe Sections are highly recommended for industrial steam and process pipe lines in oil refineries, chemical plants and power projects.

Rockwool Building Roll

Building Rolls are low density insulation material made of non-combustible rockwool fibers bonded with thermosetting resin binders. The product is easy and safe to use, cut & install.'Polybond' Building Rolls are machine made factory laminated with reinforced aluminium foil or White Fiber Glass Tissue or Black Fiber Glass Tissue or Craft Paper on one side. 'Polybond' Building Rolls are also available in water repellent grade.
Rockwool Building roll is used in building, serves multiple advantages. Rockwool Building roll being a thermal insulation material it stops the heat flow and conserves lots of energy used in maintaining room temperature. With its sound absorption & acoustic insulation properties the building is always quiet and outside noise do not enter and the most important feature is fire retention providing safety from fire accidents and gives that extra time to save life. They can be inserted in cavity between walls as cavity insulation or can be applied on the outer surface along with a protective layer. Rockwool Building insulation can be easily applied as an under deck insulation layer, inside POP, gypsum celling or any other roof celling.
'Polybond' Building Rolls are developed for the insulation of roofs, walls and floors. These temperature resistant rolls are best suitable for use in pre-engineered buildings, pre-fabricated houses, poultry farms, airports, auditoriums, AC ducting etc. These are also recommended for thermal & acoustic insulation in false ceilings. Rockwool Building Roll is very quick and easy installation of the material and makes the building envelope or the interiors absolutely airtight.



Rockwool Lightly Resin Bonded Mattress

Polybond' Rockwool Lightly Resin Bonded mattress can be faced on one side or both sides to form a firm and flexible multipurpose insulating media. The facings may be Aluminum Foil or Galvanized wire mesh or Stainless Steel wire mesh of different specifications.

Polybond' Lightly Resin Bonded mattress provide excellent stability, due to uniform thickness and density, resulting in prevention of heat losses. 'Polybond' Rockwool LRB mattress are recommended for use in the thermal insulation of large vessels, boilers, machinery, equipment’s, ducts, flanges, valves and plates operation at high temperatures. These mattress are exclusively suited for wrapping curved surfaces or for cutting to fit over irregular shapes. Rockwool LRB mattress are user for both hot and cold insulation to conserve energy, maintain process temperature, provide protection from heat and reduce noise level. Rockwool LRB mattress are used for thermal insulation of large diameter pipe, tanks, boilers, ventilation ducts, Refinery Insulation, ovens, furnace and fire insulation of fire doors.


Rockwool Resin Bonded Slab

Polybond' Rockwool Resin Bonded Slabs provide the best combination of thermal insulation, fire protection and sound absorption properties conforming to standards ARE: 8183:93, ASTM C 612 and BS-3958B-5. These are a very versatile material, easy to transport and easy to cut, fit and handle. 'Polybond' Rockwool Resin Bonded Slabs are designed for thermal and acoustic insulation of flat surfaces or slightly curved surfaces operating at temperatures up to 750° C. The Slabs can be used in cold insulation up to -50° C temperature. 'Polybond' Rockwool Resin Bonded Slabs are produced from long, non-combustible resin bounded fibers with excellent load bearing characteristics.
'Polybond' Rockwool Resin Bonded Slabs are designed for a wide range of applications at both high and low service temperatures. These can be used on both flat and slightly uneven surfaces for thermal and acoustical insulation of ductings, ovens, vessals, tanks, cavity walls, curtain walls, sandwich panels and industrial equipments. The Slabs can be used for insulation of flat surfaces of furnaces, ship decks and boilers. 'Polybond' Resin Bonded Slabs can also be used for fire protection and personnel protection. 'Polybond' Rockwool Resin Bonded Slab is used for building application like wall insulation and sound proofing of partitions and false celling’s, air-conditioning duct insulation and industrials insulation like chimney insulation, furnaces insulation, industrials ovens etc. Rockwool RB slab provide excellent acoustical absorption, Refinery Insulation, noise reduction & sound insulation. Rockwool RB slabs are used in acoustic insulation work for auditorium, theatres, public place and industrial areas where noise reduction is required. Rockwool RB slab is used in DG canopy and compression canopy, using Rockwool RB slabs dampens the sound and provide much clan & silent work place.


Thermal Insulation Wool

Thermal Insulation Wool is a collection of fine fibers drawn from molten selected basalt rocks. The Thermal Insulation Wool is an ideal material for most insulation applications because of its favourable handling and application characteristics. It is fire proof, dirt proof and moisture resistant. Chemically it neither reacts nor accelerates corrosion. It is durable, odourless, easy to handle and store.Thermal Insulation Wool and Granulated Wool conforms to IS:3677. Thermal Insulation Wool and Granulated Wool possesses low thermal conductivity on account of enormous minute air cells created by the fine fibre and can be used in a wide range of temperatures of -50oC to 750oC. 'Polybond' Loose Mineral Wool is of oil free and has prudent low thermal conductivity properties.
Thermal Insulation Wool and Granulated Wool are used for general purpose insulation, expansion relief packing, cavities of brickwork in furnaces, ovens and many other industrial equipments. It is also used in the cavity packing in refrigerated cargoes, oxygen plants, valve boxes, automobile silencers, cold storages, turbine roof insulation, brake liners and ships. It is mostly suitable for application where preformed insulation material is difficult to apply.