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About Us

M/s Nirmal Texim Private Limited Is been Founded and promoted Mr Varun Aggarwal who is Been trained Mechanically and Electrical from Dusseldorf, Germany Specifically for Coil Processing equipment.
The Company Accomplishments have been achieved under the dynamic Leadership of Mr Varun Aggarwal (Founder) who is the main technocrat of the Organization who had help the company to reach its current position , by working tiredlessly To Develop New Equipments and Improving Machines Design to Make High Speed machines & also Developed some Special ERP and Customized Software & increasing the Company National and international recognition by 10 times multiple on today’s position Which took the Company as a Leader in the Indian market.


Slitting Machine

Nirmal offer the proposed Slitting Machine or Slitting Line ( HR/CR/SS ) on High Speed & Medium Speed as per customer requirment. All the Electronics controls are operted by PLC System Highly Automated is Providesd. The proposed Slitting Machine will function as a constant speed type. In the beginning, the coil is loaded on the coil car by E.O.T. crane and brought to the uncoiler by operating the coil car. Coil car centralizes the coil with the uncoiler mandrel and the coil is mounted on the uncoiler. Mandrel is expanded. Snubber roll rotates the coil. Peeler breaks the straps and brings the pre end upto Pinch roll. The Pinch roll drives the coil end upto the slitter. Then its drive is disconnected. Slitter moves the slitted strips further. Slitted strips are threaded through loop table and drag tensioner into the recoiler drum. Recoiler winds one turn on loose coil. Then drag tensioner and loop are put into operation. Slitter and recoiler run simultaneously in synchronization. As the coil build up, the recoiler rpm correspondingly goes down to keep desired constant line speed. This process goes on until the end of coil on uncoiler. The slitted coil is pushed on the exit coil car trolley through a pusher plate operated by hydraulic cylinder. The side slitted scrap is wound on the scrap winder units provided on both sides of the slitter.


ERW High Speed Tube Mill

Nirmal offering High Speed tube mill for making ERW/API/BS/IS and related applications rating maximum up to 120m/min which are based on German and Taiwan Design and technology.Tube mill includes Fully mechanized system with Automatic feeding spiral system with NC cold saw cut of unit and High frequency solid state power saving Welders.Tube mill mainly consists of strip preparation, pipe forming, welding, cooling, sizing straightening, pipe cut-off unit and pipe take off unit. A forming motor of and a sizing motor and power transmission is done by worm gear boxes drives the whole machine.

Hydraulic Shearing Machines

Nirmal World Wide manufactures Hydraulic Shearing Machines of supreme quality in the market. The machine manufacturer here is enduring with fixed rake angle and variable rake angle. The availability of models varies from 4mm to 25mm sheet thickness sizes. Hydraulic Shearing Machine features are-Welded steel frame .Maximum stringency.Quick blade gap adjustment mechanism .Machines are compact, have low maintenance and are reliable hydraulic unit.


Double Girder Eot Cranes

Nirmaltexim Double Girder over head Cranes just fulfil the needs of the Steel Furnace, Paper-Mills, Pipe mills and heavy Engineering Industries. We also manufacture Cane Unloader for Sugar Mills, Goliath Crane. The advantages of Double Girder Crane is the higher hook lift since the hook can be pulled up between the two main girders.


Main and sub Distribution Panels

Power Control Center Panel that is designed and manufactured up to 4000A rating, which is suitable for operational voltage of 415V in a 3 phase, 4 wire distribution system having an insulation voltage of up to 660V at an ambient temperature of 40oC. The form of separation as IS 8623 is Form IV. Short circuit withstand capacity is 50 kA and degree of protection is IP: 52, both of these parameters are type tested for our Power Control Center Panel. The switchboards, provided by us, are in fixed and semi draw-out type configuration with single front design. Moreover, our clients can obtain bulk quantities of Power Control Center Panel at market leading rates.