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About Us

NAVCO India LLP is  an Indian company manufacturing Pneumatic import substitute products since 1982, in Mumbai, India

 We offer Pneumatic Piston Vibrators, Rotary Vibrators and Vibratory Aids. We follow NAVCO’s unique approach by which we study your material flow problems and use a proprietary Bin-Mapping Technology to recommend the most suitable solution to solve any Bulk Material Flow Problem.

NAVCO India LLP offers all kinds of Industrial Vibrators, Truck Vibrators, Foundry Vibrators, Vibratory Flow Aid Systems and Vibratory Equipments such as Vibrating Tables and Railcar Shakers.

Pneumatic Piston Vibrators

BH model Compressed Air Operated piston vibrators are perfect for use on storage containers, for example, bins, hoppers and silos to successfully advance material stream by eliminating the formation of bridges and rat holes. BH vibrators work effectively as they are driven on linear motion vibratory feeders and they are perfect for use on screens and vibratory tables. BH vibrators come in 10 sizes to fit an extensive variety of utilizations.

Heavy Duty Bunker Pneumatic Piston Vibrators

NAVCO India LLP's big BHs are high amplitude, low frequency Compressed Air Operated piston vibrators that are ideal for use on large bunkers and chutes (pipe/chute mounting system available). These units are designed for heavy duty, harsh condition service on large capacity, thick plated storage bunkers and chutes. NAVCO India LLP's big BH vibrators create linear vibration over a large area that reduces material sliding friction which promotes fast and complete movement of even the most immovable materials. Big BH vibrators eliminate the need for manual clean out of bunkers - increasing worker safety, and eliminating costly shut downs. Eliminates need for sledgehammering – keeping your bin walls from being physically damaged

Electrostatic Precipitator Rapper

Navco India LLP Electrostatic Precipitator Rapper (Compressed Air Operated Rappers) set the industry standard for operational reliability, durability and overall dependability with a field proven track record in all climate conditions. In difficult rapping applications, Navco India LLP rappers are the rappers of choice. Navco India LLP Compressed Air Operated rappers are suitable for vertical or horizontal applications such as precipitator ash hoppers. In addition, their high reliability, high effectiveness and low maintenance make them ideal for bag house shaker applications

Match Plate Vibrator

Navco India LLP MP series vibrators are machined using ductile iron castings which allow the units to withstand high temperatures and prolonged usage. Our match plate vibrators have a low initial cost and operate at a low air consumption level, which continues to save money through the long life of the vibrator. The MP series, available in an impacting or silent model, delivers a proven high force output for better mold density and smoother finishes. MPs have a steel strike plate and plated pistons for longer life. Equipped with internal springs for horizontal mounting, the MP piston will always bounce back without sticking.

HCP Pneumatic Piston Vibrators

NAVCO INDIA LLP produces a complete line of versatile Compressed Air Operated hopper car vibrators for railcar and other compact industrial applications. The NAVCO INDIA LLP HCP railcar vibrator is devised to give moveable, tried and true and proficient execution in troublesome applications and extreme situations. The NAVCO INDIA LLP HCP guarantees railcar emptying is an effective and safe procedure. All HCP units come standard with Teflon covering on every single inner surface - giving ideal service life. Our exclusive "free ride" outline is THE most productive solution to transmit vibration energy. Additionally wipes out hang-ups, taking into account inconvenience free establishment and evacuation of the HCP unit. Minimizes emptying time while essentially cutting material carryback.

Pipe Mount Vibrator System

Navco India LLP's pipe mount vibrator system keeps your process moving by guaranteeing material flow through tricky ranges of pipes and chutes. Navco India LLP's extraordinary way to deal with vibrator mounting on channels and chutes expands vitality exchange to keep even the most stiff-necked of materials flowing. The mounting assembly can be released and relocated to meet changing flow confinements. Robust bracket construction provides strengthening of the pipe to expand the vibrators range of impact. Maximum surface area contact transfers the vibration energy directly through the pipe and into the material. Clamping assembly allows easy repositioning of vibrator to meet varying flow restrictions.

Vibrators In Coal Plants

Improve material flow. · Ensure continuous material flow. · Ensuring personnel safety. · Retrofit without any physical damage to the existing hoppers / silos

Extendovibe Pneumatic Vibrator

The NAVCO India LLP  Extendovibe was devised as a vibratory solution for distinctive applications. This extended piston vibrator can be used as a flow solution when other vibrators are not feasible due to hopper wall thickness or inability to weld. The Extendovibe can be supported by a form of brace or bracket and is positioned a ¼ to ½ inch from the surface to be impacted. It functions by rapidly tapping an interchangeable rubber knob to the surface in a predetermined location. This effectively reduces the sliding friction and strength of the bulk material to allow for improved flow. Common applications for the Extendovibe include improved unloading and discharge of IBCs, bulk bags, tote bins, other plastic hoppers and bulk bag conditioning. The Extendovibe's extended piston features a threaded end, which may also be used to attach the vibrator directly to another medium.

Vise Mount Pneumatic Portable Vibrators

The FV Quick Clamp is perfect for use on cement forms, wooden forms, steel forms and core boxes. The FV forces out air pockets improves surface finish and speeds up mold release when used on cement forms. The Navco India LLP FV is a portable clamp-on vibrator that provides convenience in a variety of situations. The FV units feature a rugged, one-piece construction, and are equipped with a built in vise style clamping system. This built in vise eliminates the need for special mounting brackets often required by other portable models.

Flask Shakeout Vibrator

FR 4" on a Flask Shake-Out - for rapid "shake out" cleaning of flasks and pots and general knock out work. Can also be used to pack parts and chemicals and other bulk material containers.

Vibrating Tables

Navco India LLP provides vibrating tables that are specially built to fit your specific application requirements. Our tables are available with several different drive options, depending on the power source available and the application requirements. Each table is devised with a vibration isolation system that allows the energy input to the material to be maximized while minimizing the vibration transmitted to the frame and supporting foundation. Navco seamlessly integrates custom vibratory tables into existing processes. Vibrating tables have been successfully utilized in a diverse set of applications through a wide range of industries including.

Standard Turbine Vibrators

This Turbine Vibrators has been designed for application in industrial settings. It is ideal for dislodging material from hopper (up to 2500 Kg capacity) bins and chutes and hence finds application in cement, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Since it requires no lubrication it is ideal for application in a dry area.

Rail Side Car Shaker

The NAVCO India LLP Railside Car Shaker is a permanently mounted vibration system designed to speed the loading and unloading of bulk material from railcars. The high-amplitude / low frequency vibratory energy developed by the drive mechanism has proven most effective in producing positive and complete material movement. Our Railside Car Shaker is effective in relieving material from the railcar walls during unloading and in material densification during loading. The Rolling Railside Car Shaker extends to contact and shake the railcar as it rolls by (railcars do not need to come to a stop during operation). The unit features a contact surface made of composite slider blocks reinforced with heavy duty mechanical tubing to withstand the rigors associated with contacting moving cars and to provide maximum service life.
Both the stationary and rolling models are available in Compressed Air Operated or electric. They may also be operated from a remote location, and can be integrated into an automated process.

Over Head Car Shaker

The Navco India LLP Over Head Car Shaker (OHCS) is intended to facilitate emptying open top, bottom discharge hopper cars. It is a heavy-duty unloading system intended for the hardest materials and in the most difficult conditions. Our Overhead Car Shaker is developed of stress relieved heavy steel plate and is intended for nonstop 24 hour operation. The unit additionally includes a cardan shaft that disposes of the need to replace or adjust belts.

Rail Car Tippler and Rotary Dumper Vibratory Systems

NAVCO India LLP offers two distinctive vibrator system solutions for Railcar rotary dumper systems. Both arrangements use high amplitude, low frequency vibrations that help with the evacuation of leftover material commonly left in railcars while emptying in rotary dumpers. This optimizes cargo cash by curtailing carry-back & lessens work costs connected with physically clearing out the railcars. These systems effortlessly fit in into your current emptying process without increasing the dump cycle process duration.

Ball Vibrators

NAVCO India LLP ball vibrators provide high-frequency, directional and reliable vibration in multiple configurations. Simple design. Sturdy construction. Low on maintenance.