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I started my journey by venturing into Industrial construction,fabrication and erection business after gaining experience from working

1985 I started my journey by venturing into Industrial construction,fabrication and erection business after gaining experience from working on power plant projects. My wife POOJA joined with me to share the responsibility of administrative and accounts for my projects.

Rock Breaker

A Hydraulic Rock Breaker is a powerful hitting hammer fitted to an excavator used in demolition, construction and quarrying. Hydraulic Rock Breaker is a specialty attachment used on excavating machines. While standard excavating equipment is designed to dig through dirt, a breaker attachment allows the machine to power through stone, concrete, and other hard or dense materials. This device acts as a hydraulic hammer, but is built into the excavator rather than acting as a stand-alone piece of equipment.. Excavator breakers may be used in mining, construction, or various types of earthwork operations. Hydraulic Rock Breakers are often used in road construction, where they break up existing concrete or paving.They are also an important tool in mining operations, where they help to penetrate rock or earth to reach valuable metals or minerals. Excavator breakers may even be used to drill test wells for outfits seeking water or fuel sources.In some applications, these machines may be needed to break up dense or hard soil before other types of digging or excavation can take place.Excavator breaker attachments are associated with a number of important benefits for contractors.1. Hydraulic Rock Breaker dig through tough materials much more quickly and effectively than the expensive and now difficult to find manual labour.2. Hydraulic Rock Breaker provides a great deal of flexibility, as it can be used in places where large well-drilling equipment may not fit.3. Hydraulic Rock Breaker also reduces or eliminates the need for explosives and blasting, which helps to improve  safety conditions for workers and the public.


NCM Quick Coupler

NCM Quick Coupler is developed
1. With extra safety mechanism.
2. To Increase the versatility of the earth movers.
3. To Increase the efficiency of Man and Machine.
With the Earthmoving Industry Growing Fast in India, it has become necessary to upgrade the machines to achieve versatility and to the complete projects in stipulated time frame. Gone are the days when Excavator was used only for excavation application with a bucket. It is very common nowadays that one Excavator has two or more attachments like Bucket, Rock Breaker, Combi-cutter, Shear, Grapple, Concrete Cruncher Etc. NCM Quick Couplers are designed to facilitate changeover of attachments on Excavators. The coupler is actuated hydraulically with a Cylinder and it is possible to detach an existing attachment and couple another by the operator seated in the Cabin. Quick Coupler Feature and Benefits :  1. Change over time reduced From 45 minutes to 45 seconds .2. Reduced Damages To The Pins and Bushes. 3. Reduced Efforts For The Operator and helper. 4. Increased versatility of the Equipment. 5. Adds safety on pin.


Vertical Shaft Impactor

Sand has found its use in construction since ages. Sand or Fine aggregates play an important role in achieving the correct size, shape and mix of concrete and mortar in meeting the standards laid down for the construction Industry.  Natural sand is a result of weathering process followed by collision of rocks over each other for number of years, finally accumulating on the river banks. In modern times the way concrete jungles are mushrooming, the reservoirs of sand, which took many years to develop, are diminishing very fast.  The construction companies are starving of sand. This situation was anticipated well in advance by intellectuals from all over the world, who developed the process of manufacturing sand by mechanical means.20th Century "Reduction Technology" for sand manufacture involved the use of hammer mills and Roll Crushers. In hammer Mills, proper gradation is not possible and with roll crushers uniformity of the product cannot be maintained.
F M and GRADING are two important aspects for selection of aggregates which are also responsible for characteristics of fresh & hardened concrete. In spite of desired FM of sand, the net outcome of concrete may still not be satisfactory, if the sand is not well graded. Properly graded material will form less voids in the mix resulting in high density and leading to higher strength of the mix. Ours is the 21st century "VERTICAL SHAFT IMPACTOR" presented in the form of a series of sand manufacturing machines. With our VSI, since there is a control over particle size, uniformity & flakiness index, it yields proper and desired grading.Not only that it overcomes the drawbacks of hammer mills and roll crushers but it has achieved perfection after conducting long trials with raw materials available in India and is best suited to Indian condition

Hydraulic Steel Shear

This is an advanced demolition attachment used for cutting the reinforced steel structure left after the demolition for concrete structure. It is used in cutting the steel structure of Buildings, Bridges, and also finds application in the scrap yards for cutting of steel of the bodies of cars and aircrafts. The NCM Steel shears are available from 1027 Kgs to 6707 Kgs covering a range of excavators from 10 Ton Class to the 100 ton Class. The 360 degrees rotation gives the advantage of twisting and breaking the steel structures.