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About Us

KAUSHICO MACHINE TOOLS PVT. LTD. is one of the leading manufacturers of Sheet Metal Machines in India. Established in 1971 by Mr. R.S. Sharma as a Small – Scale unit, the company has grown and registered a name for itself in the field of Presses. Now a medium scale unit, it is engaged in machine building for Metal Forming, Metal Forging and Shears as per known National / International standards meeting customers specified needs. It is a market leader in its own rights for manufacturing different type of machines, mechanical as well as hydraulic upto 1200 tons, under one roof.

KCL-Crank less presses upto 1200 tonnes ( Mono Block 4 Piece Construction ( Single Two Point Four Point Crankless presses -KCL Series)

 Mono Block 4 Piece Construction ( Single Two Point Four Point Crankless presses -KCL Series
All ‘Kaushico’ Machines are manufactured in accordance with the codes and practices pertaining to metal forming machines with various safety rules and features to enhance performance and to prevent accidents and break down. Accuracies of the machines are as per JIS-6402, Gr-1 standard.
 Flame cut & welded steel plate construction which is CAD optimized for rigidity, resulting in very low stress levels and therefore causing minimum distortion in the press. The frames and slides are stress relieved either in a furnace or through vibration stress relieve process. All steel castings and forgings are annealed and are ultrasonically checked for cracks. All steel plates are confirming to IS-2062 Gr-B. Slide is a box type construction with eight point extra long gibs fitted with phosphorus bronze liners to maintaining parallelism with the bolster at all times. All 8 guides in the slide are fully adjustable.Transmission is through Single/Double back gears with steel cast eccentrics. Clutch is pneumatically operated combined “Pneumatic Clutch & Brake unit”. The brake is automatically applied when the clutch is release. Suitable Counter Balancers with Pressure Switches are provided as standard for smooth running of the press and to compensate the weight of the top tool. ‘Hydraulic Overload’ safety device is provided as standard which prevents overloading of the press & hence protects the press & tools. Resetting of the press takes less than a minute. Forced re-circulating motorized automatic lubrication pump is provided. The pump continuously feeds clean & filtered oil to all required parts of the press.Pneumatically operated Die Cushion with pressure switches are provided for better forming of deep draw components.PLC controlled electric panel is provided. All press safeties are inter-locked through PLC and gets highlighted in case of an emergency. All press functions are also through PLC.

C Frame Ungeared Fixed Stroke

C Frame Ungeared Fixed Stroke

The main Frame would be constructed from adequate thickness of rolled steel plate of IS2062 Gr-‘B’, cut to shape and size and welded with heavy cross ribbings, duly stress relieved to give maximum rigidity and minimal deflection. The Bolter would be of MS steel material accurately machined having ‘T’ slot for tool clamping. All presses are provided with a combination – Pneumatic friction clutch & Brake unit. The Clutch is engaged through air pressure. Brake is automatically applied when the clutch is released. The machine would have provisions for selection of OFF / INCH / CONTINUOUS operation. Emergency stopwatch would be provided in the control panel. The Crank shaft would be of forged and normalized medium carbon steel to ensure toughness and shock resistance, It would be accurately machined and ground finished and so designed to ensure optimum factor of safety. It would be a heavy duty cast iron / fabricated and accurately machined with provision for holding upper tool. The slide would run in extra long guide. Bearing surfaces would be properly machined for correct alignment and smooth operation. The ball seal would be of cast iron. The ball seal & cap would be assembled with pitman screw made from EN-24, material hardened at the ball and uniformly lapped.


ESR Presses

ESR Presses
‘C’ Frame, Open Back, Geared, Fixed /Adjustable stroke, 4-Gib Guided Box type slide, left to right Crank Shaft, Steel Plate, Fabricated Power Press with Automatic Lubrication Device, Motorized Slide adjustment along with Hydraulic Overload Safety device.
All Frames are steel fabricated frames made from rolled steel plates of IS2062 Gr-‘B’. The main frame plates are in one piece re-enforced by ribbing wherever necessary to provide rigidity to the frame and assuring least defection on full load. The frames are stress relieved before machining.
The slide is steel plate fabricated/casted box type slide. This accurately machined steel fabricated box type slide runs in extra long gibs fitted with PB liners, eliminating any possibility of tilting and maintains the parallelism of face even at off center loading.The Crank shaft would be of forged and normalized medium carbon steel to ensure toughness and shock resistance. It would be accurately machined and ground finished and so designed to ensure optimum factor of safety.  
The machine is equipped with a standard pneumatically operated hydraulic overload safety device. At the time of overload, by exceeding the rating capacity tonnage, the sensitive Hydraulic Overload Protection device senses the overload with a millisecond and immediately stops the machine. This prevents any damage to the tool and to the press. The machine is made operational by pushing the reset button. All ‘ESR’ machine comes with a standard motorized slide adjustment mechanism and is fitted with a brake motor. Brake motor drives the worn shaft and wheel made of P.B. material providing accurate positioning and quick adjustments.All presses are provided with a combination pneumatic friction clutch & brake unit. The clutch is engaged through air pressure. Brake is automatically applied when the clutch is released. The machine would have provisions for selection of OFF / INCH / CONTINUOUS operation. Emergency stopwatch would be provided in the control panel.


Mechanical Press Breakes

All press brakes have been designed based on latest technology available in the world. These machines are robust in construction, compact in design, easy to maintain, fool proof in operation, and if properly maintained assure trouble free performance for many years to come.  No single components or feature can be responsible for the accuracy, economy and safety of press brakes. They result from a combination of outstanding and exclusive features which together make Kaushico Press Brakes pre-eminent in their field. Frame, bed and slide are constructed out of heavy rolled steel plates for utmost strength and rigidity. They are properly proportioned for minimum deflection and permanent alignment under extreme loading. There is no cramping of ram guide nor bearing mis-alignment. The interlocking of bed and frame is achieved by supporting the bed directly on precisely machined frame shoes, and firmly bolted. The large radius provided in bed, frame and slide minimizes the stress concentration. Made out of rolled steel plates with extra deep section to minimize deflection, it runs in non-metallic renewable liners. This permits a precise fit to closer running clearance and accurate lapping is achieved thereby giving smooth movement to the slide. All press brakes are provided with motorised slide adjustment through gearing. The connection screw made out of alloy steel, spherical portion is heat treated and rests on graded casting spherical ball cap. A worm wheel and worm is provided inside the slide block which rotates the connection screw through a motor. This entire arrangement is on the back side of the slide & operator’s working area is free from obstruction. A visible coupling is provided for disengaging one of the connecting screws to facilitate adjustment for other connecting screw required for die variation, tapered bends and cone generation. Heavy duty back gauge operated from front can be provided at extra cost. Electropneumatic clutch and combined brake-unit with electropneumatic control is provided. The clutch and brakes are interlocked to eliminate overlapping. The clutch is heavy duty to handle full capacity with ease. Simple construction permits quick, easy adjustment and replacement of long lasting friction without dismantling the clutch unit.


High Speed Singel Two Point Presses

‘Kaushico’ Single / Two Point high speed presses are steel plated fabricated, Double Sided, Double Column in single piece (‘H’ Frame) Construction, Ungeared, Fixed Stroke with Variable Speed AC Drive Motor, Pneumatic Friction Clutch combined with Brake Unit, along with Hydraulic Jam Release Device.Foot Single.Foot Continuous. Two Hand Single. Inching. Clutch ‘On’ & ‘Off’ Position.The machine will be equipped with electrical suitable for 400/440 volts, 3-phase, 50-cycles, A.C. Mains and balance standard.

KCK Open Back ( Cross Shaft Presses)

KCK Open Back  Made of thick welded steel plates of IS2062-Gr.B. The main plates are interlocked so as to relieve the welds from shear stresses. The frame takes the load directly. Made of steel castings. It is guided on 6 long side ways. Extra long guide ways with thick frame sideways provides rigidity and maintain accuracy on loads. Made out of steel casting iron to provide more strength. Made of alloy forged steel. Stroke length adjustment is carried out by the operator by inching the ram to bring the index in front of the current stroke position. The clamping device is then re-engaged. All the movements are powered and takes less then a minute.This improves the efficiency of the operator and a lot of time is saved compared to the conventional methods.


Guillotine Shearing Machine

Kaushico Shearing Machine is fabricated out of heavy rolled steel plates. A heavy welded steel crown tied together with the upper end of frame holds the machine is accurate alignment.  Each end of the bed is accurately located in the frame by means of broad faced tongue and grooves. Machining under close tolerances on Skoda Boaring m/cs assures a precision fit. Broad contact surfaces give positive positioning and accurate alignment of knife seat and guide bearing surfaces. Frame and bed are welded steel construction and are duly stress relieved. Mechanically interlocked pneumatic friction clutch and brake unit is provided. This will be electro pneumatically operated. The cooling of the clutch is done by fins and fan provided as a built in feature of the clutch. The wear is automatically compensated by the spring adjustment. The ram would be made out of rolled steel. It would be guided smoothly and accurately throughout the stroke. Suitable counter balances would be provided for a smooth shearing action and for the return of the ram to its stop position. All contractors, motor controls would be maintained in the master control cabinet. A five position selector switch would be provided for FOOT SINGLE, FOOT CONTINUOUS, INCHING CLUTCH ‘ON’ & OFF’ position. Rigid and accurate construction of back gauge would be provided with the machine to allow consistent accuracy in the width of sheets being cut. Shearing blades would be 4 edge working and of high grade allow steel, properly heat treated and ground.The Hydraulic hold down system would be provided for positive and uniform for full length of work piece and close to the cutting edge to prevent slippage regardless of thickness variation. The over drive system provided in the machine ensures the axis of shearing to go through the centre line of the shearing plane and thus ensure smooth cut. Fly wheels are dynamically balanced. The slide gibs are provided with phosphorus bronze guides which can be easily adjusted for wear.The hydraulic hold down pressure can be adjusted with the help of valve provided in the system.

Solid Frame Presses

Kaushico Solid Frame Presses are utilized compact straight sided presses designed for minimal elongation and virtually eliminates angular deflection. It reduces the die maintenance cost considerably and increases the die life. Extra long ‘6’ Point guides are centrally located in the slide to provide better resistance to the off centre loads. PLC equipped electrical control panel. Hydraulic Overload safety device.Pneumatic combined clutch & brake unit. Electric motor of reputed make. 2 Nos. Pneumatic slide counter balancers.Motorised slide adjustment with brake motor. Pressure switches, Filters & Regulator for Clutch, Balancers & Die cushion.Automatic Centralised grease/oil pump for lubrication. 3 Position cam limit switch.Bolster & Slide Face with standard ‘T’ Slots.Dual Sensing Solonoid valve with Rotor Seal.Use friendly multifunction control system