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India , Maharashtra, Navi Mumbai - 400614

About Us

We took up this challenge and we excelled in it. Hoisting technologies are what we excel in. And material handling is what we deliver.
Lifting – Moving – Storing. Right from 1962, when we were incorporated. Keeping with the core belief of the Bajaj Group, we are a truly Indian company. Committed to the Indian industry, thinking ahead and driven by innovation. Starting with the iconic Model P, chain pulley block which we introduced with our then partners:
Heinrich De Fries, Germany. Followed by the equally iconic electric chain hoist: the EH-II (aka The Baby).

We became the national market leaders in hoisting technologies. And continue to be so. Because we did not stop at that. Our experiences and our customers fuelled innovations. And we were driven by our passion to bring the best to meet the demands of the Indian industry.

Our customers asked, and our engineers delivered. We kept pace with the technologies and market demands and kept on evolving with every generation of the Indian industry. Our customers inspired us, our commitment met their requirements and they rewarded us by more demands. Making us the market leaders

Ratchet Lever Hoist Link Chain Type

Hercules Hoists Offers Ratchet Lever Hoist (Link Chain Type). Its Salient Features Include: Use Of Link Chain, Allows More Flexibility, Superior Asbestos Free Brake, For Safe Operation, Low Operating Effort, Less Fatigue To Operator, Robust Steel Constru

Indef Manual Hoists

We are a leading Manufacturer of Triple spur gear chain pulley blocks Model-P, Triple Spur Gear Chain Pulley Block Model-Ush, Triple Spur Gear Chain Pulley Block Model-Sp, Ratchet Lever Hoist Link Chain Type, Ratchet Lever Hoist Roller Chain Type and Pulling & Lifting Machine

Indef Zasche Manipulators

Zasche Z-Lift is a pneumatically powered lifting axis. Owing to its design, it provides rigid, offset load guidance in particular for joining tasks in the vertical axis. Z-Lift units can be used to guide loads easily and safely, since movements of the hand are transferred direct to the load. Thanks to their aluminium profile sections, Z-Lift units feature particularly low masses and offer light operation. Low-maintenance linear guidance systems with re-circulating ball bearings are used, which require only low manual forces for the lifting motion. The guide system is a hardened and ground steel guide of machine tool quality. The lifting motion is driven by a light-running pneumatic cylinder.

Indef Wire Rope Electric Hoist

Our range of products include Compact Wire Rope Hoist - Model HW, Medium Duty Wire Rope Hoist Model - Wrh N0-N, Medium Duty Wire Rope Hoist Model - Wrh N0-Hl/N-Hl, Heavy Duty Wire Rope Hoist Model - Wrh-I, Ii, Iii, Steel Mill Duty Wire Rope Hoist and Higher Lift Wire Rope Hoist.

Indef Chain Electric Hoist

Providing you the best range of Medium Duty Chain Electric Hoist Model-Baby, All Purpose Chain Electric Hoist - Model Hc, Robust Chain Electric Hoist -Model Hc Iii and Robust Chain Electric Hoist -Model Hc Iv with effective & timely delivery.

Indef Automated Storage & Retrieval System

Roll out rack is a compact storage equipment, ideal for long bars, channels, flats, pipes and tubes. It stores material vertically upto 5 levels freeing most of the stores area for other useful purpose. The stores is organised and occupies lesser area, as compared to other conventional storage systems. ROR increases productivity, since each item can be accessed individually without disturbing other stored material. All item in ROR, can be accessed independently in FIFO manner or any desired order.

Indef Conductors

Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include Shrouded Conductor System 4 Ductor, Shrouded Conductor System 7 Ductor and Shrouded Conductor System Ski-Ductor.

Indef Cranes

The crane is designed and manufactured in accordance to IS 3177 / IS 807. Design of the crane structure as well as components/parts of the cranes are confirmed to class - I duty of the above codes.

Indef Light Profile Systems

When lifting moving and storing loads forms a key part of your work process, you need confidence. Confidence that your material handling system will be reliable, safe and enhance your productivity.