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About Us

Crane Control Equipments was established in 1988 at New Delhi (India) and under the guidance of Mr. Mukesh Malkani we have come a long way since then. We have a huge clientele of both public and as well as of private sector. We provide solution for customized manufacturing also and have been serving some of the important public sector industries like railways, electricity board and some key players in private sector. We offer the products like: Radio Remote Control, Master Controller, Cable Trolleys, Rotary Limit Switch, Counter Weight Limit Switch, Electro Hydraulic Thrusters, Electro Hydraulic Thruster Brakes, Resistance Boxes, Flexible Geared Couplings and Bus Bar Conductor.

Our huge clientele includes Bhilai Steel Plant, Maruti Udyog Ltd., National Fertilizers Ltd., Tungabhadra Steel Products Ltd., Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd., Northern Railways, Eastern Railways, Rail Coach Factory, U.P. State Electricity Board and many more. We are known for our quick supply through our well established dealers across the nation

Electro Hydraulic Thrusters

Crane Control Equipments makes Electro Hydraulic Thruster that is a sturdy Electro –Hydraulic device for exerting a smooth controlled upward Thrust on any device with rated capacity from the beginning to the end of the full rated stroke. We are well reckoned as the most preeminent Hydraulic Thruster Manufacturer based in India. The Capacity of this Electro Hydraulic Thruster is 18 Kg. Our Electro-Hydraulic Thruster is provided with Clevis-Lug mounting, allowing them to be mounted up to ten degrees either way from the vertical. All the Rubber surfaces are immersed in Oil, there by requiring very less maintenance. One outstanding feature of Crane Control Equipments make Thrustor is that any Mechanical Overloading cannot cause Overloading of the Electric Motor. If the Load is greater than what the Thrustor can lift, the Piston will remain at the bottom of the Cylinder and the impeller will rotate harmlessly in Oil.

AC Electromagnetic Brakes

Crane Control Equipments makes AC Electromagnetic Brakes that are suitable for AC supply up to 400 to 440 volts, and are available for a wide range of Drum sizes from 10mm to 380mm Dia. We stand in the midst of prominent Electromagnetic Brakes Suppliers based in India. Our Heavy Duty AC Electromagnetic Brakes are available with a rated torque ranging from 200 Kg cm for the smallest brake (100mm Dia) up to 6900 kg cm for a 380mm dia at 50% coil rating i.e. the coil remains in circuit for a maximum of 5 min out of every 10 min. These brakes are conventionally termed as single phase EM Brakes although they are to be operated on 2 phase. 3 Phase Brake are also available where a higher torque is desired. Since these brakes are in normally closed position, the release of the Brake shoes is affected by energizing the Electro Magnetic coil, which overcomes the spring force and the shoes are moved clear off the drum by lever/arm linkage system so that the drum is free to rotate without any friction.

Shrouded Bus Bar Conductor

We offer Shrouded Bus Bar Conductor, which is applied in for different types of crane and other mobile equipment.Our bus bar conductor are made of galvanized steel, copper, aluminium or stainless steel.We provide protective insulation of high impact gloss finish, pvc or bayblend compound to our bus bar conductor, which depends upon the atmospheric temperature under which the system is to operate. All our systems are finger safe and are available in the range of 60 amps to 400 amps.  We can also design and supply systems for higher rating. Our bar conductors are distinctively colored for full visibility. Under no-load conditions, the collector can be easily pulled down from the conductor bar under no-load conditions for inspection and replacement of contact shoes. These contact shoes which are the only wearing part in the system. All our conductor bars, irrespective of the rating or the material of the conductor are dimensionally interchangeable.

Gravity Limit Switch

Crane Control Equipments Make Limit Switches Are Used On Control/Power Circuit Of Reversing Drives So As To Limit Their Rotation/Movement Within A Predetermined Position. The Function Of The Gravity Type

Counter Weight Limit Switch

Counter Weight Limit Switches are widely used for heavy duty applications such as E.O.T. cranes and hoists to prevent over travel of hoisting motion on power and control circuit up to 500 v.a.c., 50 cycles per sec. and 40 Amp continuous current. It is made of cast iron or cast aluminum.

Electro Hydraulic Thrustor Brakes

Our Electro Hydraulic Thrustor Brakes are suitable for 400 or 440 Volts, 3 Phase A.C. We supply these brakes for a wide range of drum sizes from 100mm to 600 mm diameter. The brake of our Electro Hydraulic Thrustor Brakes is applied by the tension of the compressed springs mounted vertically between the thrustor and brake lever. The thrustor rods are connected with the brake by means of an angle lever. As the piston travels upwards the angle lever turns, pushes the brake rod and compresses the brake spring. Simultaneously, the brake lever on the other side of the wheel is retracted. The brake lever at the thrustor begins to move when the first lever reaches the stop on the brake base member. Our thrustor forms a part of the brake, which is a self contained unit and comprises of a centrifugal pump and impeller driven by an electric motor. The impeller spines in oil and develops a pressure head which is impressed upon the piston which is directly coupled to the load lifted

Flexible Geared Couplings

We offer Flexible Geared Couplings that are known for their reliability and positive power transmission. Our range of Flexible Geared Couplings are extensively used for overcoming different types of misalignment like:

  • Angular: Where the Axis of the connected Shafts intersect at the center of the Coupling.
  • Parallel Offset: Where the Axis of the connected Shafts are parallel but not within the same straight line.
  • Combined Angular: Where the offset Axis of the connected Shafts are neither parallel nor do they Intersect.

For achieving an accurate alignment and proper balance, the hub of our couplings is machined using EN-9 steel forging. The assortment of our Flexible Geared Couplings can be availed in two configurations like Full Geared and Half Geared Half Rigid.

Resistance Boxes

We provide range of Resistance Boxes and starting resistors which are used for both AC and DC applications. It is widely used for controlling and developing higher torque.

Applications can be found in:

  • E.O.T Cranes
  • Rolling Mills
  • Steel Plants
  • Flour Mills
  • Cement Plants
  • Power Plants
  • Coil Mines

These starting resistors are designed in accordance with BSS / NEMA / IEEE standards and can also be customized for manufacturing. The grids are made from stainless steel and punched steel sheet which are suitable for maximum temperature rise of 375 degree Celsius as per BSS standards.

Cable Trolley

We manufacture wide range of Cable Trolley that can be used for different types of trolleys. Our Cable Trolley can handle flat and round cables with loop weights of 125-500 kg. Some of the features of our cable trolleys are: Vertically adjustable buffers, Heavy-duty clamping bars, Corrosion-resistant stainless steel fasteners, Optimized energy absorption. Cable protection characteristics

Rotary Geared Limit Switches

Rotary Gear type Crane Control Equipments make Limit Switches are used on Control / Power circuit of reversing drives so as to limit their rotation / movement within a predetermined position.  The function of the Limit Switch is to stop the mechanism of drive at the extreme clock wise / anti clock wise position. These Rotary Limit Switches are particularly suited for use on reversing drives such as Electric Hoists, Winches, Over Head Cranes, Traversers etc. The contacts of these Limit Switches are rated for 40 amps at 500 Volts A.C.

Master Controller

Our range of Master Controllers are used for remote operation of contractor equipment controlling heavy duty E.O.T. Cranes & Rolling Mill Drives etc. The enclosures of our master controllers are made from different materials like reinforced sheet steel and aluminum. These Master Controllers have covers that can be easily removed and have proper space to allow easy maintenance. These are mounted on the housing on molded bushes. Some of the features of our master controller are: Long Life, Easy Maintenance, Wide Electrical, Clearance.