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About Us

Since our establishment in the year 2005, we Aparajit Instruments, are a trusted name which is engaged in Manufacturing and Supplier a wide assortment of Industrial Temperature Measuring Instruments. We have been effectively utilizing our infrastructure and facilities as well as incorporating updated process technology that enables us to deliver International finish quality standards in the offered product range.
Our product range includes Industrial Thermocouples, Thermocouple Accessories, Temperature Calibrators, Basket Strainer, Pulp Sampler, Industrial Thermowell and more.
Our Business operations are successfully guided by our qualified and experienced promoters of the company lead us to deliver the standard Products. Use of high-grade raw material enables us to deliver the supply related to customer application with Accuracy and Quality products.
Further our manufacturing standards followed by us has also helped us to gain needed market recognition and achieve our set goal every year. Our Instruments cater to the requirements of various industries such as Oil Refineries, Gas, Chemical, Glass, Automobile, Power, Food, Yarn, Pharmaceutical Industries, Wind Mill Companies, etc.

Pulp Sampler

Aparajit Instruments Manufacture Industrial Precision Measuring Instruments, Temperature Measuring Devices As Thermocouples, Bimetal Thermometers, Thermowells Etc. Also They Offer Calibration Measuring Instrument For Electrical, Pressure & Temperature In

Special Thermowells

We Have Been Providing A Wide Range Of?Special Thermowells?Which Are Manufactured In Accordance With Various Industrial Applications. We Are Given This Products As Per The Specification Of Client. Types Of Special Thermowells Include: Tungsten Carbide Coa

Instruments For Chemical Industry

Aparajit Instruments are dealing in Instruments which are used for chemical industries which we are given to client. These instruments are: Temperature Calibrators Temperature Gauges Resistance Temperature Detectors

Instruments for Gas Industry

Aparajit Instruments are offering temperature measuring instruments which are used in Gas Industry. Following are the products include in this are: Temperature Calibrators Strainer  Industrial Thermocouples  Temperature Gauges

Instruments for Oil Refineries

Aparajit Instruments are offering Temperature Measuring Instruments, which are used in Oil Refineries. Following are the products include in this are: Industrial Thermocouples Industrial Thermowells  Temperature Indicators and Controllers

Temperature Gauges

We are widely known in the industry for manufacturing a qualitative range of Temperature Gauges such as Mercury Filled Dail Thermometer & Bimetal Dial Thermometer that give accurate results in temperature measuring. Our temperature gauges deliver peak p

Plate Assembly

Aparajit Instruments offers Plate Assemblies, which are used as a primary device in the field of flow measurement. 'Aparajit' manufacture three type of plate: Concentric Orifice plate Eccentric Orifice plate  Segmental Orifice plate

A Circular disc having a concentric circular bore with a sharp 90° corner at the upstream side. Concentric bores are calculated and machined to exact requirements. Size : 25mm to 400mm.

A Circular disc having an eccentric circular bore with a sharp 90° corner at the upstream side. Eccentric bores are calculated and machined to exact requirements

Digital Temperature Indicator

Our strict adherence with the ISO standards has enabled us to deliver a precised range of digital temperature indicators and digital temperature controllers.


Strainers are most economical and effective protection of pipe line system against damage from foreign matter in flow stream. Our strainers are specially designed for free flow through strainer element. The three types are available in Y type strainer, B

Industrial Thermocouples

We are committed to achieve excellence while manufacturing wide range of Industrial Thermocouples, mineral insulated thermocouples, base metal thermocouples, high temperature thermocouples, and these thermocouples are producing voltage output depends upo

Thermocouple and RTD Connectors

Aparajit Instruments offers all range of temperature measuring instruments comprises a wide range of Thermocouple Connectors and RTD Connectors as per the specifications of our customers.

High Temperature Calibrators

We are offering High Temperature Calibrators?? ideal to be used in various industrial applications in steel, glass, metallurgical processes, cement plants, refineries/fertilizers, thermal power stations etc. Our range of high temperature calibrators is i

Resistance Temperature Detectors

We are well established names amongst the manufacturers of a wide range of Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs), RTD Temperature Detectors, Resistance Temperature Detectors and Mineral Insulated RTDs. These resistance temperature detectors are used as

Screwed Thermowell

We Manufacture A Wide Range Of?Screwed Thermowell Which We Are Given To Our Clients. These Thermowells Are Highly In Demand By Our Clients. Specifications: Material : SS 304, SS 316, SS 316L, SS 310, SS 446, Incoloy 800, Inconel 600, Nickel, Monel, Hasta