Al-Can Exports Pvt Ltd

Sheetal Indl Estate, Next To Bharat Gas Godown, Mira-Bhayander Road,

India , Maharashtra, Bhanander (E) - 401105

About Us

AL-CAN EXPORTS PVT. LTD. began its journey 28 years ago, in 1991, when the company, was first incorporated. Al-can is India’s first leading manufacturer and exporter of Seamless High Pressure Aluminum Cylinders, Low Pressure Cylinders / Disposable Cylinders for Medical Gases, Industrial Gases, Specialty Gases, Fire Extinguisher, Scuba, Beverages, Soda Machine, Home Care, Ambulance, Hospitals, Paintball Games, Helium Cylinders for IABP Machines and Helium Cylinders for Balloon. The company has established creditable business in India as well as in the Global market.

Industrial Gas Cylinder

Al-can is India’s first manufacturer of Aluminium High Pressure Gas Cylinders used for Industrial, Specialty and Calibration Gases. Al-can Cylinders are an ideal choice for filling various gases as it retains the stability and purity of gases. Al-can Cylinders are free from Hydrocarbon Content which increases the stability of gases.

Medical Gas Cylinder

Al-can is India’s first manufacturer of Aluminium High Pressure Gas Cylinders for Oxygen (O2) and other Medical Gases for Home care, Hospitals, Ambulance and Emergency Kit.  These cylinders are used in hospital for Anesthesia Machine, Laparoscopy Machine, Stretcher, Operation Theatre, Emergency Ward and Incubator.

Oxygen Cylinder-OxyKit

OxyKit comes with Al-Can make Light Weight Aluminium Oxygen Gas Cylinder with Valve, Regulator (0-15L Flow rate adjustable), Mask and Carry bag. The Cylinder and Valve are Approved by Government of India – PESO (Petroleum and Explosive Department). OxyKit Aluminium Cylinder is approx 40% Light Weight compared to Steel Cylinder. Also, it is Portable and Easy to Use. The Cylinder is Refillable which can be Refilled anywhere in India from any Gas Manufacturers or Gas Dealers

Scuba Cylinder

Al-can is India’s First Manufacturer of High Pressure Aluminium Cylinders for Scuba Diving. Aluminium Cylinders are suitable for under water diving for following advantages:  
Corrosion Resistant in Salt Water.  Light weight. Easy to carry.

Beverage Cylinder

Al-can is India’s first manufacturer of High Pressure/Low Pressure Aluminium CO2 gas cylinders for beverages. You can enjoy real taste of beverages in aluminium cylinders as Aluminium Cylinders are corrosion resistance with CO2 gas, light weight and easy to carry. While steel cylinders are prone to corrosion with CO2 gas as moisture in gas makes carbonic acid which reacts heavily with steel cylinders. Al-can CO2 cylinders are use in other applications also CO2 cylinder is useful in Fish Tank to maintain greenery, in refrigeration to maintain cooling, in paintball game, in medical for laparoscopy surgery and in soda machine for soft drinks and beers.

Fire Extinguisher Cylinder

Al-can is India’s first manufacturer of Aluminium CO2 High Pressure Fire Cylinder & Low Pressure Fire Canister for Powder/Liquid Fire Extinguisher Cylinder and Aerosol Fire Extinguisher Cylinder. Aluminium Cylinder is 40% lighter than Steel Cylinder and easy to operate in case of fire.

Paintball Cylinder

Al-can is India`s First Manufacturer of High Pressure Aluminium Paintball Cylinders for Paintball Game Lovers. Al-can paintball cylinders are safe, durable and reliable. Al-can Paintball Cylinders for CO2 and Compressed Air are available with PIN VALVE.

Helium Cylinder

Al-can is India’s first manufacturer of Aluminium High Pressure Cylinders for Helium Balloon which is Light in Weight and Easy to Carry. Al-can, also manufacture Aluminium Helium Cylinder which is used in IABP (India Aortic Balloon Pump) for cardiac in intensive care unit.

Portable Brazing Kit

ACE has developed first time in India, with Aluminium cylinder  light weight easy to carry, Portable user-friendly Gas Brazing Kit/ Welding Kit / Cutting Kit. You can use it with Propane, Butane or its mixture with or without additional use of oxygen cylinder. It has a great flexibility for Brazing Welding and heating application .This Kit is ideal for Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration system repairs, also it can be used for Automotive and Maintenance purpose.